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Meet Our Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor Dennis & Linda Worre
I have been so blessed to be called of God to pastor Jesus People Church.  I began ministry back in 1968 in a home ministry reaching young people coming out the charasmatic culture of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  This grew to the Jesus People Church in the State Theatre in down town Minneapolis.  After this I was out of the ministry for close to 20 years.  It was a miserable time of sin and sorrow.  But God is faithful.  He healed me and restored me to himself and then called me to finish his work.  I have been back in the ministry pasturing a small congregation in Rogers, Minnesota for the past ten years. I have four grown children.  Amy Koethe, who along with her husband Mark, helped begin this new congregation.  My daughter Jenny is married with one child, Molly is married with three children and Joseph is married with two children. After being divorced for twenty years, God sent a wonderful help-mate into my life.  Her name is Linda and she is an important part of the leadership of our church.  God knew I needed her and she has filled my life with love and grace.
I am so excited about what God is doing at JP.  In this day and age it is not always easy to speak the plain truth of the Bible without compromise, but that is exactly what we’re called to do.  We began our services in the Summer of 2004 and since that time we have seen God move in amazing ways.  We have seen lives dramatically changed , many saved, supernatural healing and profound spiritual growth in all of us.. If you are hungry for more of God and are looking for answers to life’s challenging questions, I welcome you to give Jesus People Church a try. ~Pastor Dennis Worre
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