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Our Ministries

The word "Ministry" is from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning "to serve" or douleuo, meaning "to serve as a slave." In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus lived a sinless life and through his service to other created a way for Christian ministry—He came, not to receive service, but to give it. (Mark 10:45) He also called us as disciples to share in His work. (Mark 9:35, 1 Peter 4:10, Matthew 28:18-20)Every person has a calling from God. We respond best to God’s call when we let God serve others through us. 

At JP Church our ministries focus is spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then equipping God's people for the work of evangelism and discipleship. We invite you to explore our website and find out more about us. You will find that we are a Church for all people who believe in Christ Jesus as Lord, and that we are committed to actively and proactively being the Body of Christ seeking to win souls for the Kingdom of God.