Jesus People Church
              A Family of Believers

To our faithful members and "Friends of JP",

Throughout Scripture, God has called his people to be generous. This generosity is shown in the use of our gifts, our time and our financial resources. If you are a regular member of Jesus People Church or  "Friends of J.P." then we encourage you to contribute to the needs of the church family, through time, use of your talents or financially. We seek to be biblical and balanced in our approach by trusting God to meet the financial needs of the church through the offering given by the J.P. family and our special "Friends of J.P.".

It is our desire that giving to the church would be an act of worship, giving from a grateful heart for all that the Lord has done for you. You can contribute to the ministry of the church by PayPal with one time gifts or automatic weekly/monthly recurring donations. We thank you for supporting our church, our ministries and our missions. May you be a blessing to God.