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Mission in Northern India

Called by the Lord to serve Him in Northern India, our missionary lives and works in a country that can be very hostile to those that profess their Christian faith. One sixth of the worlds' population live in India. There is a shadow of spiritual darkness that covers this land. The people are in bondage. Captive by spiritual strongholds of idolatry and poverty. Over 80 percent of the population is Hindu. They worship all kinds of gods - Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha, and local gods & animal gods. Hinduism is known for its multitude of gods - three hundred thirty million! To these gods people make sacrificial offerings. The people have erected huge temples and statutes. Some of these places are thousands of years old - monuments to bondage. Their sacrifice and devotions are demons and powers of darkness. Over one billion people live in India and less than three percent are Christians. Many rural areas have never even hear the name of Jesus Christ." 
The mission in northern India care for orphaned and abandoned children, do Gospel outreaches, and minister to the poor. Taking seriously the commission to "make disciples...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded." Through mercy ministries, education, healthcare and the love of God working in and through their lives, their prayer is that the Lord of heaven and earth will be magnified and exalted!